What your household policy "Does Not Cover"

This is to advise the public what in fact your standard House Insurance Policy does not cover.In relation to the Building (The house, outbuildings, detached garages, swimming pools, tennis courts, fuel tanks and their contents, terraces, patios, driveways, footpaths, walls, gates and fences, lawns, hedges, trees, shub`s and plants) itself.

Most policies in this country do not cover the following aspects of these risks of which there are 12.  I will only advise the first 3 risks in this article and will publish 3 every week for the next Month. Try and get your heads around these 3 and we can tackle the rest as we go along.

Should you have any questions you want answered if you email me I will respond to all queries.

  • Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake and Thunderbolt - No exclusions in general terms.There are however circumstances where if your house burns down ect the Insures won`t pay these are General exclusions which we will tackle later (fraud etc).
  • Smoke Damage -  By smoke from the fire place. By smog or from agricultural or industrial operations.
  • Storm or flood - To fences and gates, lawns, hedges, trees, shrubs and plants, except as a direct result of damage to the Private House  by storm or flood. By frost,to roofs constructed with torch on felt exceeding 10 years ago.