Motor Insurance.


Some Simple Facts for People taking out a Motor Insurance Policy.

June 01, 2016

Your Contract with the Insurance Company.


This contract is made up of a number of documents :


1. A proposal form- or statement of fact (mostly done now on line or over the phone which is recorded).This gives the Insurer all the facts they need to decided how much to charge for the premium if they decide to Insure in the first place.

2.The Insurance Certificate-it will have the disk for your window attached and is proof of Insurance if your asked to produce proof of Insurance by the Gardai.

3. The Policy Booklet- (please read it carefully) it tells you what is and is not covered and all you need to know about the policy cover and how to deal with different situations (claims etc).

4. The Schedule- It contains all the nitty gritty contained in the policy. If there is an issue later with a claim this is where you look to see what terms and conditions apply to the policy.

Insurance Policies even ones with the term Comprehensive do not cover every eventuality so know what is covered and what conditions you must abide by to have cover in place.

Its not rocket science but its amazing what you find out when you need to call on the policy to assist following an incident that requires a claim to be made.

Its not all about price but more about getting a good policy with a good Insurer. A Broker will advise but you still need to know what`s in above documents.