Wind and Snow.

Wow!!  Just when we are getting over the flooding we now get hit with wind and snow. Once the storm passes we all need to check that damage has not been done to the roof especially after the gales that we have been having for the last 24 hours.

Any damage done from these winds will be a peril that is covered under the terms of your household policy.The danger is that it can go unnoticed if tiles or slates are not seen on the ground. I would advise that people especially in two story homes  have a look around the attic to insure the roof has not been breached and that water is not finding its way internally .The area where the chimney meets the roof can be a vulnerable area so insure that the lead flashing has not moved especially in older homes that do not receive regular  maintenance checks . 

It can take some time for the water to show itself on the ceiling or via the lights but were it stopped at source now you would be able to greatly reduce the damage it causes. If you only discover the damage in six months time you may have trouble linking it to a specific event such as the storms we are having at the moment.

Once again if you discover damage and need good advise contact me and I will advise how best to proceed.

Regards Gerry Carter CDIP LA,CIP.