How to decrease rising Insurance costs.

Insurance costs go in cycles and at present the cycle is upward from what was a very low base.

If you want to get the best cover for the cheapest price possible here are a few simple tips.



  • Try to be risk conscience and don`t expose your business,family home or motor vehicle to unnecessary risk by being careless. The more claims you have to make the higher your Insurance is going to be going forward.
  • Don`t wait till the last minute to look to renew your policy.You will be given plenty of notice from your Insurer so don`t have yourself under pressure to renew at any cost as your policy is about to expire.
  • Consider grouping all your policies with the one Insurer as all the major insurers offer extra discounts for multiple policies.
  • Check your policy to ensure it covers whats required and not for example extra drivers that will in fact never drive the vehicle.
  • Use comparison sites to get multiple quotes for cover so you know what`s best for you.
  • Use an Insurance broker who because of their volume of business with Insures can usually get better prices and better cover than you will as an individual.
  • Don`t be afraid to ask for discount as the market is very competitive at present .
  • Don`t make unnecessary claims for small amounts of money as this will be costly in the long run.If you have a facility with Insurers protecting your no claims bonus in the event of a claim this will help.
  • Basically set aside some time to spend on the process so that once renewal is completed you will be in a position to say you achieved the best cover for the most competitive price possible.

Regards Gerry Carter CDIP LA.