Risk of Fire.

A public health warning to all policy holders regarding the use of electrical equipment. We all know the dangers of working with items such as deep fat fryers in the home and how they are responsible for many fires where people forget to turn them off for one reason and another and they ignite.

Apart from Insurance concerns fire in the family home or commercial property can be responsible for people losing their lives.

Another item that that can be dangerous if left plugged in continuously are hair curlers. In fact many fires start in the bedroom where electrical equipment is left plugged in and often these items have been  covered by blankets and items of clothing but not always.

Please make the kids aware of the dangers and get them into the routine of unplugging everything before they go to sleep. If you check on them yourself before you go to bed insure all items in the room (mobile phones included) are unplugged.

I advise you do the same downstairs before retiring for the night and even more important before heading away on holidays. Neither is it not a good idea to have the dishwasher and washing machine in full flow as people sleep upstairs .

Obviously I am not talking about disconnecting your fridge or deep freeze but all the usual suspects should be plugged out where the home is going to be vacant for a prolonged period of time.

Most of these safety tips become habit and the norm after a while. 

The last item is ensure that the fire alarm works as it can save peoples lives by alerting them to the fire before it takes hold. Remember it is the smoke that kills people in most cases and not the actual fire itself.

Gerry Carter.