When should I claim.

People are often confused when they should make a claim . For all those people here a few pointers to remember.

  • Firstly check your policy to see is what has happened something that is covered under the terms of your policy.(if in doubt ask an expert i.e your Insurance  Broker or any Loss Assessor).
  • Check what the excess is on the policy (the amount you pay yourself before your insurance kicks in). If your claim is the same or less than your excess then you don`t want a claim on your policy where you would not be entitled to any settlement. In fairness your Insurers will inform you of this fact.
  • Depending on the terms of your Insurance policy your  no claims bonus which reduces the cost of your policy possibly by up to 50% will be lost at renewal following a claim so be sure not to make a claim for a small amount as it simply would not be a good idea financially.If you have a step back policy or one that allows one or two claims without losing your bonus above will nor apply.
  • Your broker (if you used one when purchasing the policy) can advise regarding claiming and may direct you to a Public Loss Assessor. I would advise you use a broker when taking out any Insurance Policy.
  • Don`t allow any damage that has occurred to your property to increase through lack of action on your part.
  • Don`t put off informing your Insurer of a possible claim as this may affect your cover if you do eventually lodge a claim.
  • Don`t be afraid to ask advise as its free and Assessors give this advise with no obligation and for free.