Helping the Customer through Staff Training.

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The Insurance industry is a huge employer of young intelligent graduates from our Universities and Colleges. These are smart energetic kids who have a burning ambition in most cases to succeed. Many get positions with Large Insurers and Brokers mostly in areas such as Sales or Claims or Administration and many have day to day contact with customers.

They now all have to pass their Insurance exams through the Insurance Institute Of Ireland and this is a good thing which ensures a good level of understanding of what is required of them and their employers when dealing with the public.

This is all very good but I think it's also imperative they also receive on the job assistance and guidance on a daily basis in the role they are fulfilling as how it works in practice can be a different proposition to what they read in a book.In other words they need help and guidance as they will invariably make mistakes and they need assistance to enable them to learn and develop.

They are unfortunately in some cases left to their own devices to sink or swim which encourages bad habits to develop and later receive undue criticism when they simply knew no better.

Many people have very defined roles when dealing with customers be it sales or claims and they operate very well in their defined roles. But when they have to step into a different role  from time to time which we all have to do in this new world of flexibility in the workplace they struggle which can mean a difficult experience for customers. This will inevitably mean dissatisfaction  which is bad for business.

This training can be done  on site by Specialists in different areas of expertise to small groups for short sessions as not to affect  the normal running of the business. It can also be tailored to suit each situation and can in the end greatly enhance the reputation of the company with the customer they serve.

Large amounts of cash don't need to be splashed and often the expertise is a staff member with a wealth of knowledge in a particular area that simple needs to be tapped. 

Its really all about taking training and development seriously rather than giving it lip service.

Would it not be better, to avoid the headache of a large turnover of staff which is a common feature in the industry to simply develop those currently doing the job?