Motor Insurance -Did you Know?


Under the Non-Life Insurance (protection of Information)(Renewal of Policy of Insurance) Regulations 2007, the Motor Insurer is obliged to ensure that:


  •  The customer gets renewal papers at least 15 working days prior to renewal. In fairness they normally arrive prior to this .
  • You are informed of any loading for claims or convictions.
  • Any fee`s where a broker is used must be shown clearly (its still advisable in my view to use a broker as the fee is small and the knowledge is great).
  • Interest rates charged on instalment payments (be careful it`s not excessive).
  • What discounts you are getting for good claims history,having an alarm,voluntary excess increase (be careful these excesses  come off your claim settlement and can make your claim amount leave you paying a lot of the repairs),restricted to named drivers etc.

Basically always check carefully what you are getting for your money or use a broker who knows the nitty gritty.