Risk Management in the workplace.

 Here are a few simple procedures that will ensure your liability to customers and staff is something that will not  be a constant worry as you grow your business.


  • Show staff by example that you are serious about risk avoidance in the workplace.
  • Train your staff properly on an ongoing basis regarding risk and ensure they realize its not a paper exercise but a company priority.
  • Learn from mistakes and take actions to ensure incidents are properly documented and new procedures are put in place to avoid repeat incidents.
  • Ask your staff to highlight what they encounter on a day to day basis that may be dangerous and involve them in the risk management process. 
  • Use common sense when putting your risk management documentation together.

Discuss your needs with your Insurance Broker he/she will advise what is best for your particular circumstances when taking out Liability Insurance. Notify your broker when incidents do occur and he/she will advise how best to deal with the matter.

Risk Management is not rocket science and risk can be reduced dramatically by taking the matter seriously and having  some simple avoidance procedures in place.