Travel Insurance Claims.

Claims under a Travel Insurance Policy.


Many people now take out travel Insurance before going away on Holidays. Yet they generally have only a scant idea of what the insurance covers and even less idea about how they should go about making a claim.

A couple of things to remember before you start down the road of claiming off your holiday insurance.


  • If an airline loses your luggage they are responsible for replacing the lost items, regardless of the fact that many include in their paperwork to you that you can claim of your holiday insurance.
  • If you have your own medical insurance the holiday insurance you purchase kicks in after your own health insurance policy has been exhausted to cover you for any additional cost. Where this is very important would be where you are hospitalized abroad and per say have to be flown home by air ambulance where the costs can be huge.
  • If your flight is cancelled by your airline you have several options to be reimbursedbefore you look to your holiday insurance for compensation.
  • Obviously on a multi trip policy that costs a little over 100euro for a 12month period don't expect huge payouts as there are many restrictions on these policies to limit the insurers liability.
  • Where they do work very well and are crucial is for costs associated with falling ill on holidays. They are not designed to cover huge amounts of  cash,jewellery etc (leave your family jewels at home).

In summary: 

It is a great peace of mind going on holidays knowing all major catastrophes are covered but the minor inconveniences are generally best left to those responsible.

NB. Bring your policy document with you and also use the emergency medical number if you have a medical emergency.